The Value of Dreams In Therapy.

An article in Psychology Today has brought to my attention that the month of November marks the 118th anniversary of Sigmund Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams.  This was of course, the book that started the popular idea that dreams could be useful in therapy. It is always a pleasure when someone comes into my consulting room with a dream to share. An old mentor of mine used to call it "an invaluable gift the patient gives". In my experience working with a dream in therapy can often help to clarify things for people and even help people get unstuck when they get stuck in therapy. Dreams can help us get in touch with our inner wisdom and point the way forward. Even in my own life I have found that dreams can point the way forward with certain problems, remind us of the things that are important in life, challenge us when we have not lived up to our values, reconcile internal conflicts, reveal things to us about ourselves that we might not like to see, and help add a richness, depth, and meaning to life. Recurring dreams often have very important messages for us. One of the reasons that they keep recurring is because we are not getting the message they are trying to give us. The article below is an excelent reminder of how wonderful dreams can be in adding another dimension to our inner life. To read the article from Psychology Today, just click the link below.

Dreams Help Us Connect with our Inner World