What Is It Like To Be In Therapy And What Can I Get Out of It?

People often what to know what the experience of being in therapy is like and what people get from it. Alex Karpovsky (producer, director, writer, and actor in HBO TV series Girls) and Teddy Banks (designer and musician) have put together a series of short and witty videos, featuring some people who work in creative fields, who also happen to have been in long-term psychotherapy. In these videos, they talk about what it was like to be in psychotherapy and what they believe they got out of it. The series is called Shrink and I have included some videos from the series below. I will post some more of these videos in the next week or so. The first one features comedian, Sarah Silverman.

Sarah Silverman (Comedian) talks about her experience of psychotherapy.


Susan Orlean (Journalist and Author) on her experience of psychotherapy.


Gary Shteyngart (Author) discusses being in psychoanalysis.