Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Found To Be Equivalent Across Disorders.

This article from The American Psychiatric Association's "Psychiatric News" reports on a recently published study from The American Journal of Psychiatry Advance,  that found psychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychotherapy to be equivalent to most other forms of treatment when it came to a number of different psychological disorders. The study employed a meta-analysis to look at a number randomized controlled trials of common treatments for a range of disorders. They employed a methodology that is even more stringent to many other studies that have found similar results. Psychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychotherapy was found to be at least equivalent to cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) with a range of psychological disorders and in some cases even superior to CBT. It makes for interesting reading and you can read the report from Psychiatric News by clicking the link below.  

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Found to be Equivalent Across Disorders